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La Clinique du Sport, Chamonix

‘La Clinique du Sport – CHAMONIX’ is a sports physiotherapy clinic close to the centre of town in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. En Français “Cabinet de Kinésithérapie du Sport.”

Opened in 2009, it was first called ‘The Chamonix Clinic’. Since then, and chiefly down to word-of-mouth it has continued to grow and expand.

Without a doubt, it has become a center of excellence for effective diagnosis, injury management and prevention.

Indeed, the the team are especially proud of it’s reputation within the local community, not to mention visitors from around the World.

The view from our Gym, overlooking Mont-Blanc
The view from our Gym, overlooking Mont-Blanc

The Team:

Our team shares a wealth of experience and skills, many whom have worked with International sports teams and organisations around the World.

These include Olympic and Commonwealth Games, the Volvo Ocean Race and America’s Cup.

Even though they often treat many elite athletes, the team shows the same level of care to everyone.


Clinical specialists in Musculoskeletal sports injuries, this team are known for effectively diagnosing injuries and offer a patient-centric approach to physiotherapy and injury prevention.

Go Virtual:

You don’t have to be in Chamonix to benefit from speaking to this experienced team. Because you can connect via an online consultation wherever you are in the World!

Injury prevention:

Not injured? ….. that’s great news.

However, over the years, Neil has seen many recurring injuries, some that could have been prevented.

We’re delighted to now offer a range of injury prevention programmes all video-based and delivered by Neil himself. Each programme is sport specific and deisgned to keep you injury free. This includes our popular SkiFit programme.

All our team are experts in injury prevention aswell, so therefore why not arrange an appointment to discuss how you can remain injury free.

Online injury prevention programmes
SkiFit, online injury prevention programme

Clinical Pilates:

Clinical Pilates is deal for anyone wanting to focus on body awareness and control of movements. Classes are available on an individual basis or small group.

Clinical Pilates is taught by Frankie PIOLI
Frankie PIOLI, Clinical Pilates Instructor

Sports Massage:

Delivered by our trained professionals who specialise in manual therapy, a sports massage can help performance during training or before and after an event.

With a huge range of techniques at their disposal, the therapists can work at a very deep clinical level to free tight and scarred tissue or they can employ gentle strokes for relaxation.

Sports massage with clinical specialists
Sports Massage in Chamonix

Residential Injury Camps:

Life can be hectic and sometimes the time for rehabilitation after surgery or an injury is pushed to the side in favour of family, friends, work and other commitments.We offer a solution – sign up to a structured week here at ‘La Clinique du Sport’ in Chamonix

Chamonix's public swimming pool, outside pool
Swim with a view of Mont-Blanc

We speak your language:

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