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An online consultation is the ideal way to speak to one of our team, if for whatever reason you cannot physically make it into the Clinic.

During confinement, our experienced team continued to offer advice on new and existing injuries remotely to patients at home, no matter where that was in the World! Indeed, our virtual treatment room reached as far as America!

Subsequently, due to the success of our online consultations we are promoting this service to both existing and new patients.

Following one such session, a patient contacted us to say “Just wanted to pass on how amazing you’ve been been via Clinical. I can’t believe he has managed to cure me at a distance! Amazing! Thank you!”

Why not book an online consultation in our Virtual treatment room?

Perhaps you just need to check in with your physio regarding one specific exercise? or you’re in self-quarantine or on holiday and have a question to ask.

So why don’t you think about a virtual session when next booking an appointment with us?

How does an Online consultation work?

Firstly contact us by email, Whatsapp or phone to arrange a convenient time to speak to one of our team.

After booking an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the call. By clicking the link at the allotted time, you’ll enter a virtual treatment room where you’ll connect with your practitioner.

Following the session, you’ll be sent any follow up exercises or programmes by email.

Furthermore, we can also film your practitioner talking you through the exercises or a real time exercise programme.


End-to-end encryption ensures that consultations are kept between just you and your practitioner.

If you would like to learn more about the TeleHealth system, it’s security and how the system works click here.

Go Virtual !

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