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We believe that Mountains are a way of life. Our athletes do not strive for a one-off performance; they strive for a lifetime of sustained high-level performance which is built on the foundations of good health and lifestyle. It is not the number of years on the planet; it is the number of years on the plant you can spend doing what you love in the mountains. That is what we believe is successful aging.

Our Performance Coaches will work with you, to design strategies to enable you to perform repeatedly over a sustained period of time to maximise your enjoyment in the mountains. The unique combination of our professional expertise, evidence-based testing and cutting edge Kinvent technology will provide you with an innovative objective measurement of your individual performance to allow us to tailor your training and coaching programs to ensure longevity to your performance.

What we offer :

  • Performance Movement Analysis
    • Basic
    • Advanced
  • Performance Training
  • Performance Coaching
  • Performance Health & Lifestyle Optimisation